Graduates of the Program

Graduates of Brown’s doctoral program in Anthropology are now in academic and professional positions in institutions across the world.


  • Madison Paulk

    Ph.D. Dissertation Curating Urbanity: Artists Collectives and Re-Imagining Black Urban Subjectivity in Durban, South Africa


  • Yifeng Troy Cai

    Ph.D. Dissertation Taming Desires: Precarious Intimacy and Queer Urban Sociality in Digital China
  • Erin Mellett

    Ph.D. Dissertation Language, Identity, and Belonging: An Ethnography of Deaf Immigrants in the Northeast United States
  • Joshua T. Schnell

    Ph.D. Dissertation Cultures of Oral Care in the Southern Maya Lowlands (250 BCE – 1000 CE)
  • Bethany Whitlock

    Ph.D. Dissertation Caravans and Empires: Colonial Mining and Pastoralism in Huancavelica, Peru
  • Mariz Kelada

    Ph.D. Dissertation Behind the Seen: The Extramoral Politics of Visual Media Production in Egypt
  • Samee Sulaiman

    Deans' Faculty Fellow
    Ph.D. Dissertation States of Doubt: Disability, Mobility, and Crisis in Lebanon


  • Parsa Bastani

    Epidemic Intelligence Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Ph.D. Dissertation Continuing the War on Drugs: Carceral Public Health During the US Opioid Crisis
  • Lauren E. Deal

    Ph.D. Dissertation Appropriating the Andean in White Argentina: Whiteness, Interculturalism, and (De)Coloniality in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jessica Katzenstein

    Postdoctoral Fellow in the Inequality in America Initiative, Harvard University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Reforming U.S. Police: Racialized Violence, Labor, and Police Common Sense
  • Anar Parikh

    ACLS Leading Edge Fellow (2022-2024) , Policy Analyst for Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Atlanta)
    Ph.D. Dissertation Getting Out the Vote in South Asian Chicago
  • Yuezhu Sun

    Ph.D. Dissertation Money Cures: Migrants, Elders, and Marketized Sociality in Beijing’s Local Pharma Industry


  • Whitney Arey

    Postdoctoral Fellowship for the Texas Policy Evaluation Project at the University of Texas at Austin
    Ph.D. Dissertation Abortion as Care: Affective and Biosocial Experiences of Abortion Access and Decision-making
    Master's Thesis "Is it Only TB That We Are Talking About?": NGOs and Tuberculosis Case Detection in Southern Ghana
  • Fiori Berhane

    Provost’s Post-Doctoral Fellow for Faculty Diversity (2021-2022), then Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2022-) in Global Black Studies at the University of Southern California
    Ph.D. Dissertation Eritrea, A Diaspora in Two Parts: Memory, Political Organizing and Refugee Experiences in Italy
    Master's Thesis When the Stakes are High: Political Organizing and Refugee Assistance amongst Eritrean Exiles in Bologna, Italy
  • Eve Harene Dewan

    Principal Investigator for Warm Springs GeoVisions, a tribally-owned environmental compliance firm in the Pacific Northwest
    Ph.D. Dissertation Frontier Lessons: An Archaeology of Living and Learning in the Grand Ronde Tribal Community
    Master's Thesis Identities in the Arena: The Archaeology of Sports and Gender at Indian Boarding Schools
  • Malay Firoz

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Arizona State University
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Resilience Paradox: Ethical Quandaries of Humanitarian Aid in Jordan and Lebanon
    Master's Thesis Rightlessness and the Nation-State: Syrian Refugees and the Humanitarian Crisis in Jordan
  • Mallory Matsumoto

    Assistant Professor of Maya Religion in the Department of Religious Studies, University of Texas at Austin
    Ph.D. Dissertation Sharing Script: Development And Transmission of Hieroglyphic Practice Among Classic Maya Scribes
    Master's Thesis Replicating Writing: Molding and Stamping Hieroglyphs on Classic Maya Ceramics
  • Alexandra Peck

    Audain Chair in Historical Indigenous Art/Assistant Professor, Department of Art History, Visual Art, & Theory at the University of British Columbia
    Ph.D. Dissertation Totem Poles, a New Mode of Cultural Heritage? The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s Efforts to Restore Native Presence, Preserve History, & Combat Settler Colonial Amnesia
    Master's Thesis Museums as Mestizas: A Multi-Sited Institutional Ethnography of Coast Salish Tribal Museums
  • Alejandra Roche Recinos

    Visiting Assistant Professor at Reed College
    Ph.D. Dissertation Regional Production and Exchange of Stone Tools in the Maya Polity of Piedras Negras, Guatemala
    Master's Thesis Maya Lithic Economies at Piedras Negras, Guatemala: Production and Exchange in an Elite Architectural Complex


  • Omar Andrés Alcover Firpi

    Content Specialist for Mobile Programs, LA County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
    Ph.D. Dissertation Conflict, Defense, and Cooperation at Macabilero, Peten, Guatemala, 2020
    Master's Thesis Landscapes of War, Landscapes of Cooperation: Regional Settlement at El Zotz, Guatemala, 2016
  • Emily W. Avera

    Assistant Professor at Ithaca College, Department of Anthropology, Ithaca, NY
    Ph.D. Dissertation Fluid Identities: Residue, Risk, and Race in South African Blood Services, 2020
    Master's Thesis Diverse Engraftments: Promissory Notes on Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation in South Africa, 2015
  • Sara Hefny

    Lead UX Researcher at Xapo, Rome, Italy
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Most Deserving: Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Salvini’s Italy, 2020
    Master's Thesis On the Edge of Inclusion: Interrogating Integration in London’s Arab Diaspora, 2016
  • Madeline Kearin Ryan

    Project Development Librarian
    Ph.D. Dissertation A Refuge of Cure or of Care: The Sensory Dimensions of Confinement at the Worcester State Hospital for the Insane, 2020
    Master's Thesis 'A Corpse Instead of a Pauper’: Graveyards as Sites of Ideological Production in 19th-Century Westchester County, New York, 2016


  • Brian A. Horton

    Assistant Professor at Brandeis, Dept. of Anthropology
    Ph.D. Dissertation Shimmers of the Fabulous: Reinventions of Queer Life and Politics in Mumbai, 2019
    Master's Thesis Queer Attachments and Emergent Futures: The Policies of Desire and Subjectivity in LGBTQ India, 2014
  • Kimberly J. Lewis

    Senior UX Researcher at Capital One
    Ph.D. Dissertation Innovation and Exclusion: Redesigning Higher Education in Ecuador, 2019
    Master's Thesis Care and Quality in Ecuador's High-Stake University Accreditation, 2014
  • Andrea L. Wright

    Dr. Wright is a Lecturer of Anthropology and Allston Burr Resident Dean of Eliot House, Harvard University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Tired Hands: Race, Gender, and Labor in Contemporary India, 2019
    Master's Thesis Negotiating Spaces, Negotiating Faces: Beauty Producers and Consumers in Contemporary India, 2014


  • Jessica Nelson

    Fellow at John Carter Brown Library at Brown University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Detecting Dutchness: Global Identities in the 17th Century Dutch Atlantic, 2018
    Master's Thesis A Tale of Two Trading Posts, 2014


  • Chelsea Cormier McSwiggin

    User Researcher with Microsoft in Redmond, WA.
    Ph.D. Dissertation Undetectable Living: The Making of Moral Lives Among Haitians Living with HIV, 2017
    Master's Thesis Nanpwen malady ki pa gen remèd (There is no illness that does not have a cure)”: Politicization of HIV in Miami’s Haitian Diaspora, 2013
  • Alyce M. de Carteret

    Dr. de Carteret is a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Art of the Ancient Americas, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA
    Ph.D. Dissertation Building Communities: The Craft of Housebuilding among the Classic Maya, 2017
    Master's Thesis The Red Shift: Changing Tastes and their Implications at the Elite Maya Residence of El Diablo, Guatemala, 2013
  • Paula Dias

    International Development Qualitative Researcher at American Institutes for Research
    Ph.D. Dissertation Progressive Petroleum: Big Oil, Citizenship Education, and Ethno-Racial Politics in Brazil, 2017
    Master's Thesis Negotiating Identities: Shell's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Quilombola Communities in Brazil, 2011
  • Mohamed Yunus Rafiq

    Associate Professor Fellow at NYU in Shanghai
    Ph.D. Dissertation Shehes and the State: The Incorporation of Tanzanian Muslim Religious Leaders in Biopolitical Projects in Pre- and Post-Ujamaa Era, 2017
    Master's Thesis De-territorialized Shaykhs: How Tanzanian Muslim Actors Are Addressing Their Socio-Economic Marginalization by Emulating Christian Institutional and Media Practices, 2012
  • Stephanie Savell

    Dr. Savell is a Senior Researcher at Watson and co-director of Costs of War
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Right to Policing: Violence and Security Reform in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, 2017
    Master's Thesis I'm not a Leader: Grassroots Civil Society in a Rio de Janeiro Favela, 2012
  • Derek R. Sheridan

    Assistant Research Fellow at the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica Taiwan
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Ambivalence of Ascendance: Chinese Migrant Entrepreneurs and the Interpersonal Ethics of Global Inequality in Tanzania, 2017
    Master's Thesis Uncle Sam said very clearly you are not a country: Deceptions and Revelations of the Imperial Imagination in Taiwan, 2013
  • Rama Srinivasan

    Marie Curie Fellow for the project RE-NUP - Spousal Reunification and Integration Laws in Europe
    Ph.D. Dissertation Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in Post-Agrarian North India, 2017
    Master's Thesis The Heart of the Matter: Narratives of Love and Togetherness in Contemporary Haryana, 2013


  • Bhawani Buswala

    Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Anthropology & Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Bazaar and the Butchers: The Social Life of an Untouchable Work in North India, 2016
    Master's Thesis Man the Producer, Man the Protector: The Gendered Life of Meat Among the Khatiks in Rajasthan, 2010
  • Magnus Pharao Hansen

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. Dissertation Nahuatl Nation: Language Revitalization and Indigenous Resurgence in 21st Century Mexico, 2016
    Master's Thesis "He used to be my grandchild": The Semiotic Construction of Kinship Relations in Acuzulco Otomi Discourse, 2012
  • Yana G. Stainova

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology at McMaster University in Canada
    Ph.D. Dissertation Violence and Violins: The Social Resonance of Classical Music in Venezuela, 2016
    Master's Thesis The Music of Becoming: The Social Resonance of Classic Music in the Youth Orchestras of Venezuela's "El Sistema", 2012


  • Andrea E. Flores

    Assistant Professor in Brown’s Department of Education
    Ph.D. Dissertation Succeeders: Latino Youth Learning to Belong, 2015
    Master's Thesis It's Called Social (or Cultural) Capital Y' All: Migrants in Middle Tennessee and 'Empowerment Education', 2011
  • Emily Button Kambic

    Archaeologist and Grants Management Specialist with American Battlefield Protection Program at National Park Service, Washington D.C
    Ph.D. Dissertation Navigating Difference: The Archaeology of Identities in an American Whaling Port, 2015
    Master's Thesis Cutting Edge Technology: Ulus in Museums as Vehicles of Cultural Exchange, 2011
  • Sarah E. Newman

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences at the University of Chicago
    Ph.D. Dissertation Rethinking Refuse: A History of Maya Trash, 2015
    Master's Thesis The Last Supper: The Role of Ceramic Serving Vessels in Ancient Maya Mortuary Practice, 2011
  • Láura A. M. Vares

    Instructor, Emerson College
    Ph.D. Dissertation Keeping it all Together: Changing Perspectives on Marriage, Family, and Career Among Older Italian Women, 2015
    Master's Thesis Keeping up Appearances: The Outsourcing of Eldercare, and Its Implications for the Status of Italian Women, 2010


  • Nicholas P. Carter

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Texas State University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Kingship and Collapse: Inequality and Identity in the Terminal Classic Southern Maya Lowlands, 2014
    Master's Thesis Paleographic trends and linguistic processes in Classic Ch'olti'an: a spatiotemporal distributional analysis, 2010
  • Kendra C. Fehrer

    Senior Research Associate at John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Generation Chavez: Participation and Citizenship in Post-Neoliberal Venezuela, 2014
    Master's Thesis Seeing the Venezuelan State: Participatory Politics in the Chavez Era, 2008
  • Andrea Maldonado

    Director of International Admissions for Latin America at the National Student Leadership Conference
    Ph.D. Dissertation Yoga's Dis/Union: Class Relations, Social Mobility, and Self-Care in Mexico City, 2014
    Master's Thesis A Members' Only Community: Distinction and Performance of Self and Other within Social Clubs in Mexico City, 2007
  • Kristin J. Skrabut

    Lecturer of Social Studies at Harvard University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Extreme Lives: The Unruly Domestication of Peruvian Poverty, 2014
    Master's Thesis Legibility and Land Trafficking: Doing Living in Lima’s Central Margins, 2008
  • Stacey L. Vanderhurst

    Assistant Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
    Ph.D. Dissertation Sheltered Lives: God, Sex, and Mobility in Nigeria's Counter-Trafficking Programs, 2014
    Master's Thesis “Image is Everything”: Transnational Governance and the Management of the Reputation of Nigeria, 2009


  • Christy A. DeLair

    Director of Pick Museum of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Crafting Indigenous Identity in Taiwan: The Role of Handicrafts in the Negotiation of Community, 2013
    Master's Thesis Performing Tradition: The Negotiation of a Pan-ethnic Community in Miss Indian World, 2007
  • James A. Doyle

    Assistant Curator at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Ph.D. Dissertation The First Maya “Collapse”: The End of the Preclassic Period at El Palmar, Petén, Guatemala, 2013
    Master's Thesis A Paleographic Approach to Political Change Using Classic Maya Day Sign Variants, 2009
  • Susan H. Ellison

    Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Wellesley College
    Ph.D. Dissertation Mediating Democracy in El Alto: The Politics of Conflict Resolution in Bolivia, 2013
    Master's Thesis “Replicating” Democracy in El Alto?: Political Subjectivity and American Democracy Promotion in Bolivia, 2009
  • Sohini Kar

    Associate Professor in the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics
    Ph.D. Dissertation Creditable Lives: Microfinance, Development, and Financial Risk in India, 2013
    Master's Thesis From Burra Bazar to Big Basaar: Selling the New World Order in the Marketplaces of Kolka, 2009
  • Inna Leykin

    Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication at The Open University of Israel
    Ph.D. Dissertation “Population Prescriptions”: State, Morality, and Population Politics in Contemporary Russia, 2013
    Master's Thesis Where is the Real Russia to be Found?: The Center-Periphery Relationship in Putin’s Russia, 2008
  • Yagmur Nuhrat

    Dr. Nuhrat is Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at Istanbul Bilgi University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Fair Enough? Negotiating Ethics in Turkish Football, 2013
    Master's Thesis Unsettling Claims of Migrant Visibilities: Receiving Migration in Istanbul, 2008
  • Colin A. Porter

    Lead Sixth Grade Teacher of Humanities at the Alma Del Mar Charter School
    Ph.D. Dissertation "Monuments to a Nation Gone By”: Fortified Houses, King Philip’s War, and the Remaking of a New England Frontier, 1675-1725, 2013
    Master's Thesis Gravestones and King Philip’s War: Commemoration in Seventeenth-Century New England, 2009


  • Michelle Charest

    Lecturer in the History of Art and Visual Culture at the Rhode Island School of Design
    Ph.D. Dissertation Emerald Pub to Silver Saloon: Building an Irish Saloon Community in the American Mining West, 2012
  • Cassandra Mesick Braun

    Associate Curator of Global Indigenous Art
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Culture of Construction: Architectural Technology and Building Practices of the Classic Period Maya, 2012
    Master's Thesis The Modification of Maya Monuments: Towards a Local Theory of Sculptural Ontology, 2006


  • Jennifer Ashley

    Associate Professor in the Global Affairs Program at George Mason University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Televising Exclusion: Democracy, Activism, and Urban Politics in Chile, 2011
    Master's Thesis Mediating Fear: Discourses on Crime in Santiago, Chile, 2007
  • Elisaveta Koriouchkina

    Research Fellow at Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Contigent Ethnicity in State(s) of Change: Meskhetian Turk's Journey from USSR to Post-Soviet World, 2011
    Master's Thesis The Russians Are Leaving? Notions of Identity in the Context of Out-Migration of Russians from Kazakhstan, 2002
  • Kathleen Millar

    Associate Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia
    Ph.D. Dissertation Reclaiming the Discarded: The Politics of Labor and Everyday Life on Rio's Garbage Dump, 2011
    Master's Thesis Recycling Class: Politics of the Informal Economy at a Brazilian Garbage Dump, 2006
  • Rebecca A. Warne Peters

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology, SUNY Oswego
    Ph.D. Dissertation Development Effects: Cosmopolitanism, Governmentality and Angolan Engagements in the World, 2011
    Master's Thesis A Life's Work: The Production of International Development through the Professional Career, 2007
  • Leah Rosenmeier

    Cultural Centre at The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq--Mi'kmawey Debert in Canada
    Ph.D. Dissertation Towards an Archeology of Descent: Spatial Practice and Shared Experience in M'Kmaw Communities, 2011
    Master's Thesis Economics of Subsistence or Exchange? Examining Production Among 18th Century Labrador Inuit, 2001
  • Harris Solomon

    Associate Professor in the Department of Cultural Anthropology Duke University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Life-Sized: Food and the Pathologies of Plenty in Mumbai, 2011
    Master's Thesis Brand Icon: Medical Tourism in India, 2007


  • Elizabeth Hoover

    Associate Professor Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University California, Berkeley
    Ph.D. Dissertation Local Food Production and Community Illness Narratives: Responses to Environmental Contamination and Health Studies in the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne, 2010
    Master's Thesis Arbiters of Authenticity: Living History in Native American Museums, 2003
  • Maya Judd

    Academic Coordinator for the Master of Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris. Currently is a Lecturer at Yale University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Gendering Men: Masculinities and Demographic Change in Contemporary Italy, 2010
    Master's Thesis A Woman Without a Child Is No Woman At All Coping with Infertility in Southern Nigeria, 2006
  • Susi Krehbiel Keefe

    Associate Professor in Sociology and Director for Center for Justice and Law, Hamline Univeristy
    Ph.D. Dissertation Romantic Desires & Polygynous Intentions: Islam and Gender and Divorce in Coastal Tanzania, 2010
    Master's Thesis Funga Kabisa and Hamna Athari: Permanency and Side-Effects Considering Female Sterilization and Contraceptive Choice Among the Pare in Ugweno, Tanzania, 2001
  • Andrea Mazzarino

    Therapist working directly with Children and Families in the Washington Metropolitan area and collaborates with Human Rights Watch
    Ph.D. Dissertation Being Independent Together: Urban Russian Businesswomen and New Forms of National Belonging, 2010
    Master's Thesis Landscapes for Sexuality for Urban Russian Women, 2006
  • Christine Reiser-Robbins

    Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Sociology, and Coordinator of Anthropology, Southwest Borderland Studies, and Mexican American Studies at Texas A&M University, Knightsville
    Ph.D. Dissertation Rooted in Movement: Spatial Practices and Community Persistence in Native Southwestern New England, 2010
    Master's Thesis Safeguarding the 'Mint": Analysis of the Fort Island Collection in Comparative Perspective, 2004
  • Kathryn Rhine

    Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Kansas
    Ph.D. Dissertation AIDS, Marriage, and the Management of Ambiguity in Northern Nigeria, 2010
    Master's Thesis Marriage and Reproduction Following HIV-positive Diagnoses Among Hausa Women, 2005
  • Salome Wawire

    Research and Monitoring Director at the Private Sector Innovation Programme For Health (PSP4H) in Nairobi, Kenya
    Ph.D. Dissertation Negotiating Identity: Identity Dynamics in the Context of Male Circumcision and HIV/AIDS among Luo Youth in Kisumu, Kenya, 2010


  • Julie E. Esdale

    CEMML Archaeologist at the Environmental Division of the U.S. army Garrison Fort Wainwright, Alaska
    Ph.D. Dissertation Lithic Production Sequences and Toolkit Variability: Examples from the Middle Holecene, Northwest Alaska, 2009
  • Rebecca B. Galemba

    Associate Professor at Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Dener and Co-Director of the DU Center for Immigration and Policy Research (CIPR)
    Ph.D. Dissertation Cultures of Contraband: Contesting (II) Legality at the Mexico-Guatemala Border, 2009
  • Audrey Elegbede Mouser

    Audrey M. Elegbede, PhD, ACC, Curriculum and Assessment Manager, Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, Co-Founder, ETeam Consulting (Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker)
    Ph.D. Dissertation Maintaining Middle-Classness: Urban, Middle-Class, Malay Single-Mothers of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 2009
  • Dondrea R. Thompson

    Senior User Experience and Usability Researcher at Bank of America, San Francisco
    Ph.D. Dissertation Black American Women in Sweden: Making Sense of Changing Fields, 2009
    Master's Thesis The Politics of Display or the Display of Politics? Cultural Policy and the Museum of Dominican Man, 2000


  • Jan Brunson

    Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii
    Ph.D. Dissertation Reproducing Hierarchy: Women’s Positions and Embodiment of Social Change in the Kathmandu Valley. 2008
    Master's Thesis Women's use of contraceptives in the Kathmandu Valley: Enduring side effects and strategizing fertility, 2001
  • Catharine Hall

    Ph.D. Dissertation Defining Boundaries and Breaking Barriers: Access and Adaptation of Chesapeake Bay Watermen, 2008
    Master's Thesis Hunters & Harvesters: Adaptive Strategies Among the Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay, 1992
  • Juliette Rogers

    Independent French-to-English translator specializing in social science research
    Ph.D. Dissertation The Political Lives of Dairy Cows: Modernity, Tradition, and Professional Identity in the Norman Cheese Industry, 2008
    Master's Thesis The Current Middle Ages: The Selective World of Authenticity in the Society for Creative Anchronism, 1999
  • Krysta Ryzewski

    Dr. Ryzewski is Chair and Associate Professor of Anthropology at Wayne State University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Archaeology of a Colonial Industry: Domestic Ironworking and Industrial Evolution in Rhode Island, 1642-1800, 2008
  • Jennifer Cantú Trunzo

    Associate Professor in the Department of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy at Augusta University
    Ph.D. Dissertation “Buying into It” Propaganda, Consumerism, and the American Revolution in Southeastern Connecticut, 2008
  • Paul White

    Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Nevada
    Ph.D. Dissertation Chuckwalla and the Belligerent Burro: Timbisha Shoshone, Miners and the Footprints of Dispossession in the Panamints, 2008


  • Caroline Archambault

    Assistant Professor in International Development at Leiden University College in The Hague
    Ph.D. Dissertation "Education is the Song of the Day": School in Maasai Society and Economy, 2007
    Master's Thesis "A World of Women" Constraints and Opportunities of Rural "Stayers" in Ugweno, Tanzania, 2002
  • Sreeparna Chattopadhyay

    Associate Professor at Flame University in Pune, India
    Ph.D. Dissertation Interrogating Violence: Uncovering Silences-Investigating Marital Violence in India, 2007
    Master's Thesis Rakta Ebong Biye: Blood and Marriage-Examing the relationship between arranged marriages and a Thalassemia Prevention program in West Bengal, India, 2003
  • Pilapa Esara

    Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the College of Brockport/State University of New York
    Ph.D. Dissertation Changing Marriage, Changing Thai Society: Contradictions of Gender, Class, and Identity in an Era of Globalization, 2007
    Master's Thesis "By and By" - Enacting Mobility, Experiencing Change, 2001
  • Angela McMillan Howell

    Associate Professor of Anthropology at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland
    Ph.D. Dissertation Not Just 'Down Yonder': Growing up Black in Rural Alabama, 2007
    Master's Thesis African American Heritage Tours in Dakar, Senegal: Authenticity, Contradictions, and Diasporic Connections, 2002
  • Simone Poliandri

    Associate Professor of Anthropology at Bridgewater State University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Identity Dynamics in the Mi'Kmaw Reserves of Nova Scotia, Canada, 2007
    Master's Thesis Mi'Kmaw Lobster Fishing in St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia: A Traditional Activity?, 2001
  • Donna B. Searles

    Ph.D. Dissertation Medicalizing Motherhood: San Carlos Apache Women and Birth, 2007
  • Ninian Stein

    Dr. Stein is a Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Anthropology at Tufts University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Abstract for: Native Peoples, Subsistence, and Cultural Identity in Late Woodland and Early Contact Period Southern New England, 2007
  • Bruce Whitehouse

    Associate Professor of Anthropology at Lehigh University
    Ph.D. Dissertation Exile Knows No Dignity: African Transnational Migrants and the Anchoring of Identity, 2007
    Master's Thesis Staying Soninke: Migration, Multilocality and Identity in a Community of the West African Sahel, 2003