Lauren E. Deal

Research Interests Linguistic anthropology, Argentina and the Andes, Music and sound, Whiteness, Indigeneity, Race, Appropriation
Ph.D. Dissertation Appropriating the Andean in White Argentina: Whiteness, Interculturalism, and (De)Coloniality in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Areas of Interest

Lauren entered the doctoral program in Anthropology in 2014. She received her BA in anthropology from the The George Washington University. Her dissertation research examines ideas of race, indigeneity, and identity in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Specifically, it considers the politics of appropriation and the meanings of whiteness in Latin America by analyzing how Argentines of European descent engage in projects of indigenous linguistic and cultural revival. She has previously conducted research in Buenos Aires on language and music in protest, and the language of Opera pedagogy. 

Previous Degrees

  • B.A. in Anthropology from George Washington University