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Course Spotlight: The Anthropology of Homelessness

The Anthropology of Homelessness, ANTH 1301, taught by Irene Glasser, PhD, has been offered yearly through the Anthropology Department since the spring of 2014. This year, the class created a guide that can be used to help individuals in Rhode Island obtain permanent and affordable housing.
News from Anthropology

Research Spotlight: Aisha Tipnis ’23

The Department of Anthropology caught up with Aisha, an undergraduate student studying Health and Human Biology, to learn more about her research on medical racism and structural violence embedded in medical institutions.
News from Anthropology

Course Spotlight: Race, Racialization, and Health

Caleb Ellis '24, Medical Anthropology concentrator, reflects on learning how the history of medicine is intertwined with histories of race and white supremacy through a Spring 2022 course with Professor Sarah Williams.
In Spring 2022, Jessica Katzenstein and three other Anthropology PhD Candidates successfully defended their dissertations. In this spotlight interview, Jessica delves into her research topic and explains more about her dissertation.
Anthropology trainee Argenis Hurtado Moreno has been named a 2022 Ford Foundation PreDoctoral Fellow. Students who receive this three year fellowship have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and are committed to a career in teaching and research in higher education.