Graduates from 1972-2006


  • Walter Harper Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation Educational and Social Worlds in Context: An Anthropological Study of an Urban Elementary School Fifth Grade Classroom, 2006
    Master's Thesis An Anthropological Investigation of African-American Adolescent Male Parents in the South Providence Community of Providence, RI, 1996
  • Mara Leichtman

    Ph.D. Dissertation A Tale of Two Shi'isms: Lebanese Migrants and Senegalese Converts in Dakar, 2006
    Master's Thesis From the Cross and Crescent to the Cedar: The Transformation of Religious Identities Among the Lebanese of Senegal, 2001


  • Deirdre G. Barrett

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Ceramic Oil Lamp as an Indicator of Cultural Change Within Nabataean Society in Petra and its Environs Circa CE 106, 2005
    Master's Thesis How can the ceramic analysis of lamps reveal the fingerprint of Empire on the material culture of the Southern Temple, Petra, Jordan?, 1996
  • Lacey Andrews Gale

    Ph.D. Dissertation "Home is who you make it." Place, Agency and Relationships Among Fula Refugees in Guinea, 2005
  • Anne Page McClard

    Ph.D. Dissertation Nested Tales: Gendered Representations of an Azorean Festival Cycle, 2005
    Master's Thesis Becoming Butterflies: The Mediation of Paradox at Paradise Street Theater, 1988
  • Celeste M. Sullivan

    Ph.D. Dissertation Language Use in Lahore: The Role of Culture, Social Structure, and Economics in Shaping Communication Patterns and Language Form in a Pakistani Multilingual Community, 2005
    Master's Thesis Implications of Two Dialects of Old Egyptian in the Pyramid Texts, 1996


  • Sarah Alexander-Chase

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Gender of Excellence: Symbols & Strategies Among Adolescents at a New England Preparatory School, 2004
    Master's Thesis "BAD" is Better: An Analysis of the Learning & Conception of Self, 1992
  • Sara Bergstresser

    Ph.D. Dissertation Therapies of the Mundane: Community Mental Health Care and Everyday Life in an Italian Town, 2004
    Master's Thesis Young Adulthood and Life Choices for Women in South Korea, 1999
  • Erick Castellanos

    Ph.D. Dissertation Alarming Hoards and Ideological Masses: The Impact of Immigrants on the Definition of Community and Society in Bergamo Italy, 2004
    Master's Thesis Il Campanile, la Nutella e l'Europa: Bolognese Identity in the Face of Immigration, 1998
  • Jennifer A. Hartley

    Ph.D. Dissertation Balancing Acts: Understanding Women’s Attitudes Toward Food, 2004
    Master's Thesis You Are What You Eat: The Food-Health Connection Model in a Maine Community, 1996
  • Mary Ann Larson

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Evolution of the Qalgi in Post-Epidemic Point Hope, 2004
    Master's Thesis An Interpretation of the Band 3, Level 2 Choris House at the Site of Onion Portage, Alaska, 1989
  • Miguel Moniz

    Ph.D. Dissertation Strangers in Their Own Land: Criminal Deportee Forced Return Migrants and Transnational Identity, the Azorean Example, 2004
    Master's Thesis "Todos os Americanos sao Malucos" and "we are all Portuguese" Touradas, Forcados and festas - The creation of inferential intimacy through conceptions of ethnicity within the context of the Azorean Diaspora, 1997
  • Sara Karz Reid

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Small Temple: A Roman Imperial Cult Building in Petra, Jordan, 2004
  • Alexandra Zafiroglu

    Ph.D. Dissertation From Teleland to Information Society: Swedish Society and Mobile Telephony at the Turn of the Century, 2004
    Master's Thesis Remodeling the MainstreamÍs Adolescent: Straight Edge Attitudes, Practices and Identity, 1996


  • Donald H. Holly Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation From Space to Place: An Archaeology and Historical Geography of the Recent Indian Period in Newfoundland, 2002
    Master's Thesis Revisiting Marginality: Settlement Patterns on the Island of Newfoundland, 1997
  • Charlotte Hunter

    Ph.D. Dissertation The C-Shaped Structures of Haleakaka National Park: Vernacular Architecture in the Hawaiian Islands, 2002
  • Susan P. Patterson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Movers and Shakers: Spirit and Power in Native Northwestern California, 2002
  • Josue Ramirez

    Ph.D. Dissertation Against Machismo: Young Adult Voices in Mexico City, 2002
    Master's Thesis The Artist and the City: Gentrification and Multiculturalism in the East Village, 1994
  • Isabel Feo Rodrigues

    Ph.D. Dissertation Crafting Nation and Creolization in the Islands of Cape Verde, 2002
    Master's Thesis Homes for the Road: Resettlement of a Shantytown in Portugal, 1996
  • Rochelle K. Rosen

    Ph.D. Dissertation An Anthropological Perspective on Vaginal Microbicide Research, 2002
    Master's Thesis "Is it Real?" The Representation of the Other in an Anthropology Museum Education Program, 1991


  • Scott J. Allen

    Ph.D. Dissertation Zumbi Nunca Vai Morrer History, The Practice of Archaeology, and Race Politics in Brazil, 2001
    Master's Thesis Africanisms, Mosaics, and Creativity: The Historical Archaeology of Palmares, 1995
  • Hillary K. Crane

    Ph.D. Dissertation Men in Spirit: The Masculinization of Taiwanese Buddhist Nuns, 2001
    Master's Thesis Spiritualizing Marianismo: The Virgin Mary as a Symbol of Religious Inversion for Filipinas in the United States, 1994
  • Lisa DiCarlo

    Senior Lecturer in Sociology
    Ph.D. Dissertation Migration and Identity Among Black Sea Turks, 2001
    Master's Thesis Honor and the Asymmetrical Efficiency of the Turkish Migration Network, 1997
  • Maria E. Garcia

    Ph.D. Dissertation To Be Quechua Is To Belong: Citizenship, Identity, and Intercultural Bilingual Education in Cuzco, Peru, 2001
    Master's Thesis Cebiche, Penas and Chicha Morada: Food, Music and the Creation and Negotiation of Identity in a Peruvian Immigrant Community, 1996
  • Brian S. Robinson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Burial Ritual, Groups, and Boundaries on the Gulf of Maine: 8600-3800 B.P, 2001
    Master's Thesis Middle Archaic Mortuary Evidence and a Proposed Chronological Sequence for the Northeast Coastal Archaic Tradition, 1987
  • Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer

    Ph.D. Dissertation Gender Relations and Socio-Economic Change in Russian America: An Archaeological Study of the Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska 1784-1867 A.D., 2001


  • David Gregg

    Ph.D. Dissertation Technonology, Culture Change, and the Introduction of Fiearms to Northwest Alaska, 1791-1930, 2000
  • Peter Lape

    Ph.D. Dissertation Contact and Conflict in the Banda Island, Eastern Indonesia, 11th-17th Centuries, 2000
  • Stephen C. Lubkemann

    Ph.D. Dissertation Situating Wartime Migrations in Central Mozambique: Gendered Social Struggle and the Transnationalization of Polygyny, 2000
    Master's Thesis Contested Identities: The Narrative Construction of Refugee Identity in Portugal in the Wake of Decolonization, 1994
  • Amitai Touval

    Ph.D. Dissertation A Deposed Elite and the Problem of Accountability: How LeipzigÍs Communist-Era Politicians are Coping Since their Downfall from Power, 2000
    Master's Thesis A Question of Character: Israeli Residents of Boston, 1993


  • David L. Conlin

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Wind-Made World: The Nautical Geography of theMycenaean Peloponnese, 1999
    Master's Thesis The Loggerhead Reef Ship Trap: Maritime Site Formation Processes on DRTO-036 and Beyond, 1994
  • Rebecca Upton

    Ph.D. Dissertation Our Blood Does Not Agree: Negotiating Infertility in Northern Botswana, 1999
    Master's Thesis Making Ends Meet: Networks and Family Among Women of Color in New Orleans, 1994
  • Richard Waldbauer

    Ph.D. Dissertation Tending the Sacred Fire: The Archaeology of a Rural Ideal, 1999
  • Danyu Wang

    Ph.D. Dissertation Tending the Sacred Fire: The Archaeology of a Rural Ideal, 1999
    Master's Thesis Family, Kinship and Networks of Migration: A Study of a Migrant Community in Beijing, 1995


  • Anne Dowd

    Ph.D. Dissertation Lithic Procurement and Social Complexity in New York's Hudson River Valley, 1998
  • Eva J. Fridman

    Ph.D. Dissertation Sacred Geography: Shamanism in the Buddhist Republics of Russia, 1998
  • Andrew Veech

    Ph.D. Dissertation Signatures of Gentility: Assessing Status Archaeologically in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Fairfax County, Virginia, 1998
    Master's Thesis Material Expressions of Chieftainship During LaFlorida's Mission Period: An Analysis of Franciscan Mission Sites, 1993


  • Joyce P. Foster

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Role of the Academy in the Construction of Ethnicity Among Black Caribbean Immigrants in the Urban United States: An Ethnographic Account of Commonwealth State College, 1997
    Master's Thesis The Blending of Black: Different Ethnicities Selecting a Shared and/or Distinctive Identity in the United States, 1992
  • Timothy D. Malefyt

    Ph.D. Dissertation Gendered Authenticity: the Invention of Flamenco Tradition in Seville, Spain, 1997
    Master's Thesis The Social Construction of Self in Dance: An Ethnography of the Dancers of Ballet Hispanico, 19991
  • Donna J. Souza

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Persistence of Sail in the Age of Steam, 1997
    Master's Thesis An Archaeological Survey of a 19th Century Shipwreck, 1991


  • Gail Bouknight-Davis,

    Ph.D. Dissertation Markers of Ethnicity: A Theoretical Perspective of East Indians in Kingston, Jamaica, 1996
  • Jarmo Kankaanpaa

    Ph.D. Dissertation Thule Subsistence, 1996
  • Ann McMullen

    Ph.D. Dissertation Culture by Design: Native Identity, Historiography, and the Reclamation of Tradition in Twentieth-Century Southeastern New England, 1996
    Master's Thesis Rereading and Rewriting the Past: Toward an Historic Ethnography of the Etchemin, 1990
  • Daniel Odess

    Ph.D. Dissertation Interaction, Adaptation, and Culture Change: Lithic Exchange in Dorset Society, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada, 1996
    Master's Thesis Lithic Raw Material Exchange Among Frobisher Bay Paleoeskimos: Building a Model of Regional Contact and Interaction, 1993
  • Mark Peterson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Writing the Indian Story: Press, Politics and Symbolic Power in India, 1996
  • Tuija Rankama

    Ph.D. Dissertation Prehistoric Riverine Adaptations in Subarctic Finnish Lapland: The Teno River Drainage, 1996
  • Chanasai Tieng-Trankul

    Ph.D. Dissertation Modernity and Motherhood: Women and Employment in a Holy City, 1996
    Master's Thesis Equality Under the Eyes of God, 1990


  • Robert K. Fitts

    Ph.D. Dissertation Inventing New EnglandÍs Slave Paradise: Master/Slave Relations in Eighteenth Century Rhode Island, 1995
    Master's Thesis Puritans, Yankees, and Gravestones A Linguistic Analysis of New England Gravestone Inscriptions, 1989
  • Steven Ybaborra

    Ph.D. Dissertation Competition and Ethnic Conflict: The Dynamics of Native/Migrant Relations in the Basque Country of Spain, 1995
    Master's Thesis Intermarriage Assimilation, and Ethnicity Maintenance: A Basque American Case Study, 1987


  • Robert G. Goodby

    Ph.D. Dissertation Style, Meaning, and History: A Contextual Study of 17th Century Native American Ceramics From Southeastern New England, 1994
    Master's Thesis The Seabrook Phase and Post-Hopewillian Interaction in the Northeast, 1988
  • Maha K. Khatib

    Ph.D. Dissertation Beyond the Mysterious and Exotic: Women of the Emirates (And I) Assess their Lives and Society, 1994
    Master's Thesis The Role Played by Honour in Shaping the Conduct of Palestinian Women in the United States, 1990
  • Paul J. Msemwa

    Ph.D. Dissertation An Ethnoarchaeological Study on Shellfish Collecting in a Complex Urban Setting, 1994
    Master's Thesis Pattern Recognition: Some Reflections on Lithic Use From Paleo-Indian Sites of New England, 1986


  • Patrick J. McQuillan

    Ph.D. Dissertation 'Disneyland in the Jungle': The Myth of Educational Opportunity in an Urban American High School, 1993


  • Nilanjana Chatterjee

    Ph.D. Dissertation Midnight's Unwanted Children: East Bengali Refugees and the Politics of Rehabilitation, 1992
    Master's Thesis Defining the Self: Bihari Doms in Calcutta, 1987
  • Marilyn H. Fetterman

    Ph.D. Dissertation Drought, Cattle Disease, Colonialism and Lokenbe: A Century of Change Among the Pasturalist Didinga, Eastern Equatoria Province, Sudan, 1992
  • Yoko Hayami

    Ph.D. Dissertation Ritual and Religious Transformation Among Sgaw Karen Of Northern Thailand: Implications On Gender and Ethnic Identity, 1992
  • Imogene L. Lim

    Ph.D. Dissertation A Site-Oriented Approach to Rock Art: A Study from Usandawe, Central Tanzania, 1992


  • Elizabeth A. Bakewell

    Ph.D. Dissertation Picturing the Self: Mexican Identity and Artistic Representation, Post-1968, 1991
  • Elizabeth Kryder-Reid

    Ph.D. Dissertation Landscape as Myth: The Contextual Archaeology of an Annapolis Landscape, 1991
    Master's Thesis The Jireh Bull Site Reanalyzed. The Formation of a Seventeenth Century Frontier, 1987
  • Helena Ragone

    Ph.D. Dissertation Surrogate Motherhood in America, 1991
    Master's Thesis The Differential Impact of AIDS on Gay Male Lifestyle, 1987
  • Susan Anita Reed

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Trasformation of Dance and Ritual in Sri Lanka, 1991
  • Patricia V. Symonds

    Ph.D. Dissertation Cosmology and the Life Cycle Hmong Views of Birth Death, and Gender in a Mountain Village in Northern Thailand, 1991


  • Joanne Vickie Bowen

    Ph.D. Dissertation A Study of Seasonality and Subsistence Eighteenth-Century Suffield, Connecticut, 1990
  • Kevin J. Lourie Lourie

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Negatiation of Orthodoxy: An Etnographic Study of the Assimilation Strategies of Religious Soviet Jewish Immigrants to Israel, 1990
    Master's Thesis On the Contradictions of Working Class Drug Subscultures: A Comparative Ethnography, 1986
  • Donna E. Muncey

    Ph.D. Dissertation Social Differentiation, Reputation and Return Migration in Eastern Andalucia: A Case Study from Rural Jaen, 1990
  • Linda Ann Parker

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Role of Cultural Traditions in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention: A Native American Study, 1990
    Master's Thesis The Providence Black Community in Early 19th Century: A Problem in Archaeological Visibility, 1986


  • Craig S. Gerlach

    Ph.D. Dissertation Models of Caribou exploitation, Butchery, and Processing at the Croxton Site, Tukuto Lake, Alaska, 1989
  • Frank Donald Pate, Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation Postmortem Chemical Changes in Buried Bone: An Investigation of Environmental Formation Processes at the Roonka Archaeological Site, South Australia, 1989
    Master's Thesis Mortuary Practices & Paleodiet as Archaeological Signatures of Social Organization & Status at Roonka on the Lower Murray River of So. Australia, 1984
  • Parker B. Potter, Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation Archaeology in Public in Annapolis: An Experiment in the Application of Critical Theory to Historical Archaeology, 1989


  • Robert Wheelersburg

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Interaction of Sami Reindeer Herders with Scandinavian Society and Its Effects on Sami Land and Resource Utilization, Economic Behavior and Settlements in Northern Sweden, 1600-1986, 1988
    Master's Thesis The Development of Fort Ancient Through an Archaeo-botanical Analysis of the State Line Site, Ohio, 1985


  • Marley Brown II

    Ph.D. Dissertation Among Weighty Friends: The Archaeology and Social History of the Jacob Mott Family, Portsmouth, R.I., 1640-1800, 1987
  • Douglas K. Magnuson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Islamic Reform in Contemporary Tunisia: A Comparative Ethnographic Study, 1987
  • Stephen Mrozowski

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Ethnoarchaeology of Urban Gardening, 1987
  • James M. Nyce

    Ph.D. Dissertation Convention, Power and the Self in German Mennonite Magic, 1987


  • Abby Cole Ruddick

    Ph.D. Dissertation Charmed Lives: Illness, healing, Power and Gender in a Balinese Village, 1986


  • Adeline Becker

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Role of The Public Schools in the Maintenance and Change of Ethnic Group Affiliation, 1985
  • Joyce B. McKay

    Ph.D. Dissertation Architecture as Archaeological Artifact, 1985
  • Steven L. McNabb

    Ph.D. Dissertation Interaction Conventions and the Creation of Stereotypes in Northwest Alaska: An Ethnography of Communication, 1985
  • Mary H. Moran

    Ph.D. Dissertation "Civilized" Women: Gender and Prestige Among the Glebo of Cape Palmas, Liberia, 1985
  • Jane A. Szurek

    Ph.D. Dissertation I'll Have a Collier for My Sweeheart: Work and Gender in a British Coal Mining Town, 1985


  • Gail Eileen Bader

    Ph.D. Dissertation Professionalism and Unionism: Identity in the Workplace, 1984
  • Christina Johannsen

    Ph.D. Dissertation Efforescence and Identity in Iroquis Arts, 1984
  • Jordan E. Kerber

    Ph.D. Dissertation Prehistoric Human Occupation and Changing Environment of Potowomut Neck, Warwick, R.I.: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 1984
  • Sherry Shaggers

    Ph.D. Dissertation Materialism and Archaeological Experimentation: Testing the Exotic Stones Hypothesis in the Central Desert of Australia, 1984
  • Renee Rosa Shields

    Ph.D. Dissertation he Living End: Liminality in an American Nursing Home, 1984
  • Takeshi Ueki

    Ph.D. Dissertation Process of Increasing Social Complexity on Kosrae, Micronesia, 1984


  • David Barton Bray

    Ph.D. Dissertation Dependency, Class Formation and the Creation of Caribbean Labor Reserves: Internal and International Migration in the Dominican Republic, 1983
  • John J. Conway

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Medieval Paradox: Urban Process and the Cultural Structure of Time in Kilkenny City, Ireland, 1983
  • Nora E. Groce

    Ph.D. Dissertation Hereditary Deafness On the Island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts: An Ethnohistory of a Genetic Disorder, 1983
  • Lillian Zarakov Mason

    Ph.D. Dissertation Kukakuka, Talking Together: The Living Voices of Hawaii, 1983
  • Linda B. Robertson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Achiya Dekyap'bowa: Alliance and Polity in the Development of Cibola, 1983
  • Pornchai Suchitta

    Ph.D. Dissertation The History and Development of Iron Smelting Technology in Thailand, 1983


  • Patricia Anderson

    Ph.D. Dissertation Reconstructing the Past: The Synthesis of Archaeological and Palynological Data, Northern Alaska and Northwestern Canada, 1982
  • David A. Goldenberg

    Ph.D. Dissertation We Are All Brothers: The Suppression of Consciousness of Socio-economic Differentiation in a Kenya Luo Lineage, 1982
  • Betty J. Harris

    Ph.D. Dissertation Nationalism and Development in Southern Africa: The Case of Lesotho, 1982
  • Martha K. Hemwall

    Ph.D. Dissertation New Wine In an Old Skin: Innovation and Tradition In a School For the Deaf, 1982


  • Leslie C. Abernathy III

    Ph.D. Dissertation Landscape, Communities, and "The Community at Palmers River": Settling a River System, 1981
  • Lawrence E. Babits

    Ph.D. Dissertation Military Documents and Archaeological Sites: Methodological Contributions to Historical Archaeology, 1981
  • Albert Bartovics

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Archaeology of Daniels Village: An Experiment in Settlement Archaeology, 1981
  • Kathleen Bragdon

    Ph.D. Dissertation Another Tongue Brought In: An Ethno-historical Study of the Massachusetts Texts, 1981


  • Mary Carolyn Beaudry

    Ph.D. Dissertation "Or What Else You Please to Call It": Folk Semantic Domains in Early Virginia Probate Inventories, 1980
  • Anne E. Yentsch

    Ph.D. Dissertation Expressions of Cultural Diversity and Social Reality in 17th century New England, 1980


  • Jean-Francois Blanchette

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Role of Artifacts in the Study of Foodways in New France, 1720-1760: Two Case Studies Based on the Analysis of Ceramic Artifacts, 1979
  • Ian W. Brown

    Ph.D. Dissertation Early 18th Century French-Indian Culture Contact in the Yazoo Bluffs Region of the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1979
  • Edward J. Dixon Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation A Predictive Model for the Distribution of Archaeological Sites on the Bering Continental Shelf, 1979
  • Steven M. Horvath Jr.

    Ph.D. Dissertation he Social and Political Organization Of the Genizaros Of Plaza de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de Belen, New Mexico, 1740-1812, 1979
  • Elizabeth A. Lawrence

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Wild and the Tame: Nature and Culture in American Rodeo, 1979


  • Caroline Bieler Brettell

    Ph.D. Dissertation Hope and Nostlagia: The Migration of Portuguese Women to Paris, 1978
  • Stephen L. Cabral

    Ph.D. Dissertation Portuguese-American Feasting: Tradition and Change in New Bedford, Mass, 1978
  • Eva Friedlander

    Ph.D. Dissertation Dimensions of Caste, Kinship and Marriage in a New Industrial Town, 1978
  • Harold D. Juli

    Ph.D. Dissertation Ancient Herders of the Negev: A Study in Pastoral Archaeology, 1978
  • Diedre Meintel-Machado

    Ph.D. Dissertation Cape Verdeans-Americans: Their Cultural and Historical Background, 1978


  • Clifford G. Hickey

    Ph.D. Dissertation Process In Pre-History: A Structural Analysis of Eskimo Culture, 1977
  • Linda Stone

    Ph.D. Dissertation Illness, Hierarchy and Food Symbolism in Hindu Nepal, 1977


  • Kitchul Lee

    Ph.D. Dissertation An Attempt at a Radical Ethnography: Fishing for Tuna, Sociality or Zen, 1976
  • James Phillips

    Ph.D. Dissertation Fe Wi Land A Come: Choice and Change on a Jamaican Sugar Plantation, 1976
  • Karen Gropper Sinclair

    Ph.D. Dissertation Maramatanga: Ideology and Social Process Among the Maori of New Zealand, 1976


  • Peter S. Allen

    Ph.D. Dissertation Social and Economic Change in a Depopulated Community in Southern Greece, 1974


  • Philip F. McKean

    Ph.D. Dissertation Tourism in Paradise: Anthropological Perspectives on Socio-Economic Change and Culture Conservation in Bali, Indonesia, 1973


  • David J. Wyatt

    Ph.D. Dissertation The Indian History of Nicola Valley, British Columbia, 1972