The Anthropology Department community is made up of faculty, staff, graduate students, concentrators, visiting professors, and emeriti.

Core Faculty

  • Nadje Al-Ali

    Nadje Al-Ali

    Robert Family Professor of International Studies, Professor of Anthropology and Middle East Studies
    Research Interests Gender studies, Feminist activism, War and conflict, Migration and diaspora, Middle East
    Office Hours Email instructor for appointment
  • Joshua Babcock

    Joshua Babcock

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Research Interests Language, Citizenship & belonging, Race
    Office Hours Tuesdays, 2–4PM
  • Rebecca Carter

    Rebecca Louise Carter

    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Urban Studies
    Research Interests Cultural anthropology, Social justice and transformation , Kinship and relatedness, Ritual and religious practice, Visual anthropology, Experimental ethnography, Abundant futures, Southern United States
    DUS Office Hours Tuesdays and Fridays 10-11am or by appointment
  • Paja Faudree

    Paja Faudree

    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Associate Professor of Linguistics
    Research Interests Linguistic anthropology, Music, Political economy, Latin America, Indigeneity, Drugs and psychoactive plants, Language and medicine
  • Stephen Houston

    Stephen Houston

    Dupee Family Professor of Social Science, Professor of Anthropology, Professor of History of Art and Architecture
    Research Interests Maya, Kingship, Writing systems, Imagery and representation
  • Ieva Jusionyte

    Ieva Jusionyte

    Watson Family University Associate Professor of International Security and Anthropology, Director of Graduate Advising
    Research Interests Political and legal anthropology, Law and violence, Borders, Statecraft, Media and journalism, Ethnography as method and storytelling, Latin America, United States
  • Jessa Leinaweaver

    Jessaca Leinaweaver

    Professor of Anthropology, Department Chair
    Research Interests Kinship, Childhood, Aging, Migration, Latin America
  • Myles Lennon

    Myles Lennon

    Dean's Assistant Professor of Environment and Society and Anthropology, Director of Undergraduate Community Engagement
    Research Interests Anthropology of energy, Climate justice, Environmental justice, Environmental intersectionality and the co-production of race and nature, Science and technology studies, Affect theory, United States
  • Katherine Mason

    Katherine Mason

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Research Interests Medical anthropology, Public health, Bioethics, Reproductive health, Mental illness, Infectious disease, Population studies, Gender studies, China, U.S.
  • Shanti Morell-Hart

    Shanti Morell-Hart

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of Graduate Training
    Research Interests Health and disease, Archaeology, Ethnoecology, Foodways, Paleoethnobotany
    Office Hours TBA
  •  Robert Preucel

    Robert Preucel

    James Manning Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Director of Undergraduate Research
    Research Interests Semiotics, pragmatism, Materiality, Indigenous archaeology, repatriation, the Pueblo Revolt, Southwest US
  • Patricia Rubertone

    Patricia Rubertone

    Professor of Anthropology
    Research Interests Historical archaeology, Colonialism, Landscape and memory, Identity and representation, Urban Indigeneity, Native North America, Northeast
  • Andrew Scherer

    Andrew Scherer

    Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology
    Research Interests Archaeology, Biological anthropology, Political practice, War and violence, Mortuary archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Maya, Mesoamerica
  • Daniel J Smith

    Daniel Jordan Smith

    Charles C. Tillinghast, Jr. '32 Professor of International Studies, Professor of Anthropology
    Research Interests Medical anthropology, Anthropology & population, Gender, Development, Infrastructure, Political culture, Nigeria
  • Peter van Dommelen

    Peter Van Dommelen

    Joukowsky Family Professor of Archaeology, Professor of Anthropology
    Research Interests Archaeology, Colonialism, Migration, Rural studies, Mediterranean
  • Parker VanValkenburgh

    Parker VanValkenburgh

    Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of Graduate Studies
    Research Interests Archaeology, Colonialism, Settlement, Space and landscape, GIS and spatial analysis, Ceramics, Andes


Graduate Students and Alumni

The Anthropology doctoral program at Brown allows students to pursue a wide range of ethnographic and theoretical interests, while integrating graduate students into the dynamic intellectual life of the department, university, and discipline through a holistic approach to the study of human sociality, past and present.

Graduates of the program now hold academic and professional positions in institutions across the world.

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