Anar Parikh

ACLS Leading Edge Fellow (2022-2024) , Policy Analyst for Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Atlanta)
Research Interests South Asian American Studies, Political Anthropology, Citizenship & belonging, Race & racialization, Engaged/activist ethnography
Ph.D. Dissertation Getting Out the Vote in South Asian Chicago


Areas of Interest

Anar Parikh is a sociocultural anthropologist studying belonging and citizenship among South Asians in the United States. Her dissertation "Getting Out the Vote in South Asian Chicago" is an ethnography of South Asian civic in Chicagoland that examines how a range of formal and informal political engagements speak to questions of identity and identification in the context of US racialization. More broadly, Anar is also interested in community engaged approaches to scholarly work in both anthropology and beyond and has served as a Graduate Fellow at the Swearer Center for Public Service, Brown University since 2019. She also the Associate Editor - Podcast at American Anthropologist and Executive Producer of Anthropological Airwaves.

Previous Degrees

  • B.A. in History and Anthropology from Bard College