General Anthropology Track

The General Anthropology track is the most flexible and open of all of the anthropology tracks.

This track allows students to fully embrace the four-field approach and choose from courses across the sub-fields. Its flexibility is especially accommodating for students pursuing multiple concentrations.

  1. Central-Classical Redevelopment Project
    The Central-Classical Redevelopment Project of the 1960s created a high modernist educational campus that destroyed houses, churches, and streets known to the neighborhood’s Indigenous residents. Photo by Patricia E. Rubertone.
    A foundational course in sociocultural, linguistic anthropology, or medical anthropology:

    Choose One:

    • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH0100)
    • Culture and Health (ANTH0300)
    • Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (ANTH0800)
  2. A foundational course in archaeology or biological anthropology:

    Choose One:

    • Human Evolution (ANTH0310)
    • Past Forward: Discovering Anthropological Archaeology (ANTH0500)
  3. One of the following classes in anthropological methodology, to prepare students for further research:

    Choose One:

    • An Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis for Anthropologists and Archaeologists (ANTH1201)
    • Material Culture Practicum (ANTH1621)
    • The Human Skeleton (ANTH1720)
    • Archaeology of College Hill (ANTH1725)
    • Ethnographic Research Methods (ANTH1940)
  4. An additional five courses in anthropology of the student’s choosing. At least three of the electives will need to be at the 1000-level to meet the general requirements of the concentration.
  5. Senior Seminar, (Re)Making Anthropology (ANTH1990), normally taken in senior year, is designed to provide students a firm understanding of what defines the discipline of anthropology, as grounded through a look at the discipline’s past, present, and future.