Mira Guth

Research Interests Environmental anthropology, Medical anthropology


Areas of Interest

My research interests lie at the intersection of environmental and medical anthropology, with a focus in Science & Technology Studies. With the support of a Fulbright grant at UiO, I had the opportunity to write a master's thesis examining the role of veterinarians in the public health issue of antimicrobial resistance. My project involved ethnographic fieldwork with livestock veterinarians and dairy farmers in California. At Wesleyan, my undergraduate thesis centered on a centuries-old apple orchard in New England, investigating the politics of land, nature, and labor. 

At Brown, I plan to build on my master's thesis to study the position of veterinarians at the tense interface of agriculture and public health, exploring themes of multispecies care, expertise, and health governance on a changing planet. I am looking forward to joining Brown's vibrant intellectual community of faculty and fellow students to further develop my research interests and training.

Previous Degrees

  • BA Science in Society Program (anthropology and environmental science), Wesleyan University, 2018
  • MPhil Development, Environment, and Cultural Change, University of Oslo (UiO), 2023