Daniel Krugman

Research Interests Cultural anthropology, Medical anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Health


Areas of Interest

Broadly, I study how people imagine and enact social change at the intersections of cultural, medical, and linguistic anthropology. I do this through ethnographically examining humanitarian and Global Health projects in East Africa. Paying particular attention to how certain words and discourses conceptualizing change are circulated around the world, the connections between these industries and neoliberal capitalist expansion, and manifestations of (de)coloniality, I seek to understand how certain ideas of how societies change take power over others and the consequences that. 

At Brown, I plan to continue this research through examining the contradictions and struggles of Kenyan global and public health workers attempting to 'decolonize' their practices and the global social arena that framed their work. I also hope to explore globally funded and connected mutual aid networks in Nairobi and Mombasa and what they tell about alternate visions of 'global health.'

Previous Degrees

  • BA Anthropology, Middlebury College, 2021

  • MSPH International Health, Johns Hopkins University, 2023